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Analysing student Software Engineering projects metadata

CS2103/T is the introductory software engineering module in the National University of Singapore. I took this module in AY16/17 Semester 1, from August to November 2016. For the last seven weeks of the module, students were required to construct a todo list application in teams of three, four or in one instance, two. Students were strongly encouraged to fork their projects off an existing address book application created by the teaching team, and repurpose that codebase into a todo list app.

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Software engineering team project quickstart

One of the things I learnt during group formation is that getting all the information needed from a group of strangers is a bit of a pain. Slowly collecting information over instant messaging is cumbersome and annoying. A contact sheet shared between everyone is the way to go here. I’ve created one here that’s useful as a template for future software engineering teams.

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