CS3216 project ideas

Random selection of ideas for CS3216.

Adversarial Test Driven Programming Platform

It’s a well known fact that students don’t like writing tests. But with Test Driven Development one of the most popular software engineering paradigms today, tests are more important than ever. Teaching staff have limited resources to write tests, and given that they are also human, may miss some edge cases themselves.

So instead, we have the students write tests for each other. The app will be like Coursemology, but with students writing both the test cases for the questions as well as the actual solutions.


Point scoring system for station games and events

AKA. 10 points to Gryffindor, the App. A web/mobile app using real-time data flow to enable event or camp organizers to keep track of points for groups in real time. An API can be used to interface with external services that can be used to update a team’s points live. Geolocation can be used to provide infrastructure for treasure hunt style games.


Facebook canvas based MUD

Not entirely sure if this is a good idea, but I think it would be fun. Maybe something like Fallen London, but with more emphasis on social.


Facebook game - MMO Stardew Valley

Like Farmville, but you actually get to, you know, farm, instead of just pressing a button over and over again.


Centralized NUS Event System

Keeping track of events in a school as large as NUS is hard. Instead using email newsletters for announcing new events, and emails for registration confirmation, and emails for… well, you get the idea, we can use a centralized platform for this.

A central news feed for upcoming and subscribed to events, a streamlined system for expressing interest, registration and disseminating information for events and happenings in NUS, instead of the deluge of emails that you get every day.


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  • Meetup.com