API Documentation


These endpoints return fuck objects. Each fuck object has the following:

id - int
The ID of the fuck
name - string (120 char)
The name of the person giving the fuck. If not available, the string 'Anonymous' will be returned instead.
fuck_rendered - string (HTML, arbitrary length)
The fuck, rendered in HTML. Only tags available in Markdown will also be available here, which means this is sanitized and safe to inject directly into pages, but beware of images and links.
created_at - string (timestamp)
The creation timestamp of the fuck
! fuck - string (Markdown, arbitrary length)
The fuck, in Markdown source. This is NOT guaranteed to be safe, since this is the raw input from the user. Use the source parameter to enable this.
      "id": 1,
      "name": "Anonymous",
      "fuck_rendered": "<p>Aliquam ullam ut laudantium fugiat exercitationem. Eveniet quo eos aut cumque fuga natus. Non dolorum nam quibusdam distinctio.</p>",
      "created_at": "2016-05-10 06:58:22"

The following query parameters are accepted on all endpoints:

source - boolean
Set to any value to enable the source of the fuck be returned by the API. Remember to properly sanitize this value before using it.

GET List fucks

Obtain a list of fucks, sorted chronologically with the most recent first.

GET Objects fucks/{fuck_ids}

Obtain the fucks with the specified IDs