JavaScript Garden

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JavaScript Garden is the product of bored afternoons hanging out in the Stack Overflow JavaScript chatroom after the Year 4 End of Year exams and waiting for Junior College to start, at the end of 2010.

It was there that I met Ivo Wetzel, a talented and opinionated JavaScript developer who was answering JavaScript and Node.js questions on Stack Overflow. He often complained about the poor quality JavaScript questions and answers on Stack Overflow, and we would often reply “well why don’t you write your own tutorial?” So one day he did.


The site was featured and made front page of both Proggit and Hacker News, and was featured on JavaScript Weekly twice. Several readers also generously donated their time to translate the article to several languages, including Russian, Chinese and Korean. Through this project both Ivo and I enjoyed a brief moment of Internet fame. Ivo got a job at Zygna Germany, and I got several emails including an offer from a local startup which I turned down because school was starting again.