Stack Exchange Community Sites

The Stack Exchange network is a family of Question & Answer site, the most famous of which is Stack Overflow, the Q&A site for programming questions. I became a member in late 2010, and proceeded to become involved with the community, not only in answering front-end web development questions, but also joining the newly launched chatrooms. From there I met several other passionate members of the community, from which projects such as JavaScript Garden was born.


Stack Exchange Scripts is a set of userscripts that’s designed to enhance the user experience of Stack Exchange sites by adding in features and linking to hidden ones. The project was started by Rebecca Chernoff, a developer who has since being hired by Stack Exchange Inc. as a full time community manager.

The original goal of the project was to enable keyboard navigation on all sites in the network, including chat. This has now been formally incorporated into sites in the form of an officially maintained userscripts. Many other features which were first written as userscripts have now become features, such as username autocomplete in comments and support for linking to comments in chat. From this project I learnt how large JavaScript codebases can be organized, as well as collaborating with other developers using a distributed revision management system - git, on GitHub.

Democracy, ho!

One of the most interesting features of the Stack Exchange sites is the regularly held community moderator elections, where users would nominate and elect members into moderator positions. This process fascinated me, and as a result I collaborated with another community member on Meta Stack Overflow to collect information and statistics about each of the moderator candidates.

What started out as a simple Excel spreadsheet quickly grew into a single page web application. By using the Stack Exchange API, the page loads up detailed information, statistics and recent activities by each of the candidates. The site is designed to supplement the original elections page on the site, and has proven to be a big enough hit that the Stack Exchange team now hosts it on their server. The page is also linked to from all current and future elections.